Hello and welcome to the home of STK

It is here where we all pride ourselves for being considered one of the premier 
gaming clan's in the world today.

STK was founded back on Dec. 6th 2006 online to Rainbow Six Vegas.
The reason I created STK was because I got to see how other clan's were that being immature, disrespectful and unorganized.

I wanted to create a clan that was truly unlike any other, and today... that is STKgaming.
With the true leadership and the quality of members representing STK, together we have built a solid foundation upon maturity, respect, and discipline.

STK has been a Call of Duty based clan since CoD4.
Our primary game mode is Domination, the reason for this is that its best suited for both teams and clans.

STK is not about the quantity of members, instead we have always chosen quality over quantity, we not only have great gamers, but more importantly amazing people.

One of STK's greatest achievements came back on MW3, this was when STK evolved and surpassed the level of being just a clan... this is our family.

With the foundation and the strength of the STK family, together our primary goal is not only to be the most successful and dominate force in the gaming world today… but to be the first ever that truly can define respect.

We take pride in being a clan for people who help each other, adhere to a strong code of conduct, and always work to bring out the best in our team of people. STK is where ideas are exchanged and friendships are formed.

With the experience of STK that we all have come to enjoy, we wanted to share that with the gamers over in Europe. This has turned out to be another added success in thanks to our EU managers and members.

On the casual side of STK, we have seen great success also that being #4 out of 22,487 other clan's on CoD - ELITE for win percentage, while achieving ELITE lvl 50.

STKgaming is proud to announce our return back to the
which is where STK is ranked the #1 XBOX clan and #2 overall.

STK Clan Battle Records

Rainbow Six Vegas: 134-0-5
CoD4: 89-1-4
CoD World at War: N/A
CoD MW2: 72-2-7
CoD Black Ops: 61-0-2
CoD MW3: 67-1-0
CoD Black ops II: 81-0-0
CoD Ghost: 35-1-1 (current)

To all members of STK, Thank you for all your hard work in making STK what it has become today.

For our guest, thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy our website.

Alton Choiniere III
Founder & Leader of STK
XBL: STK Founder
Twitter: STK_Founder

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